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There is value in the natural

At Thinnai Organic, we believe in that value, and in providing you with the high-quality food that you deserve. We believe in fresh, chemical-free produce that you can confidently put on the table for you and your loved ones to share – whether it’s in a curry or a salad. We believe in a healthier community and a greener world.

Our farm is run at the highest standard, with a focus on the quality of our produce and the wellbeing of our customers. So, whether it’s our free-range eggs or our organic vegetables, we know you’ll be back for more. Come find us at your local supermarket or order from us online, right to your door.

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No, 9/10, Puttur Road, Chunnakam, Jaffna.



+94 21 49 30 180 / +9477 92 41 41